About Scomst

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Welcome to School of Computer Science and Technology (Sponsored by Shree Sant Gadaji Maharaj Digital Group Multipurpose Society, a not for profit organization). SCOMST was founded on June 2000 to provide high technoogy support to its familiy organizations - Shree  Sant Gadaji Gram Seva Pratishthan, Dr. Punjabrao Deshmukh Vidya Niketan, Neptune English Medium Convent and Nandanvan Gruha Nirman Society. All these organizations were founded by Late Mr. Devidas Shakharam Sayankar (also known as Bapusaheb Sayankar).

SCOMST was started with few computers (386, 486 proccesors with DOS and Windows OS along with internet) and primary agenda was to make all the school students aware of computer technology where it was considered like a high tech jargon. Mr. Ravi D. Sayankar(currently Relations manager with India infoline, Pune) was the first staff manager for SCOMST along with Mr. Vikrant D. Sayankar(currently Executive branch manager at Impulse marketing, Siligudi) and took SCOMST to the new level. The classes for the school students are held on regular basis and students are taking full advantage of this computer facility. It's primary focus is on the students from the poor and medium class family and spread the knowledge to the villages. Computers along with the internet is just another way to access the whole world and gain global knowledge.

SCOMST as mentioned above also administers all other family organizations by providing computer technology support to their staff, financial transaction, record maintenance etc. SCOMST is growing fast to cope up with the new technology in the market and planning to expand its infrastructure and staff very soon.

SCOMST also conduct summer vacation classes for outside students and provide the best in class couching in computer technology. SCOMST came up with a program "Sadhana" in which its staff visits other schools in Yavatmal district and demonstrate our skills and capabilities to support their organization needs in the computer field. This program is very successful and other schools look at SCOMST as a mentor in this area. In the same program SCOMST staff plans to visit villages and make the new generation aware of this technology boom.

With the help of SCOMST, we founded new organization "School of Hisdustani Clasical Music" which is headed by Mr. Rahul Satav and we are providing online learning courses of Hindustani Classical music to the music lovers in USA, UK, Canada and across the globe. This program is very very successful! Registration for these courses are available online. Please visit "School of Hindustani Classical Music" tab in the main menu.

SCOMST plans to increase its portfolio by adding programming language couching, web application development, web hosting etc. SCOMST's success is highly dependent on staff's dedication and desire to make SCOMST the most sucessful organization to meet its goals. SCOMST is always looking for highly dedicated and talented staff to work with. SCOMST has been improving its not-for-profit  business model by implementing various processes in place.

The existing staff includes Mr. Uday Pawar(Manager), Mr. Rahul Satav (Head of School of Hindustani Classical Music) and Mrs Rajani Sayankar (as Managing Director for all the exisiting organizations).